Ross Melbourne


Ross Melbourne is a life long innovator, an entrepreneur and patent holder. He has lived and worked in the US for 30 years but grew up in England making stuff for fun.  He graduated from Stevenage College of Further Education in the UK with an ONC in Business Studies.  As a programmer he has written software for almost every type of computer from mainframes to iPhones.  Ross developed the world's first fully automatic organization charting software.  He then co-founded Aquire, an enterprise software company with his wife of 25 years Lois Melbourne.  Ross is a proven business executive and technology leader using what he calls 'family-first ethics’.  After the sale of their software company, Ross and Lois were able to retire in their 40’s.  

Ross was the Founder and CEO of Sensori Games who developed ‘Save Dallas’, the worlds first mobile game set in a real 3D city.

Ross Melbourne is now an angel investor.  He is a partner at Melbourne Investments, which makes angel investments and mentors startup companies.  Ross is responsible for finding investment opportunities and for providing technical and financial due diligence.